Castle Artois is a Fortress-City and the ducal capital of Artois


The seat of the Dukes of Artois is located within the Forest of Arden. As a result, it is the only ducal seat with no town outside its walls. The castle itself however has a substantial keep and a very large courtyard surrounded by a stone curtain wall. There is a ditch beyond the wall, but it is fitted with sharpened stakes rather than with water. Duke Chilfroy is always based here, but he spends half his time riding out to hunt beastmen.[1a]

The courtyard contains accommodation for many warriors. The Duke found the ability to retreat swiftly after a successful battle is vital in the forest, accounting for the high number of mounted Yeoman here. The large number of horses means that the castle needs even more supplies than normal; the stream of wagons is almost constant.[1a]

The Duke disdains using mercenaries in battle, but he does hire expendable outsiders as scouts.[1a]


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