Castle Aquitiane is a Fortress-City and the ducal capital of Aquitiane


The ducal Castle is in the southeast of the dukedom, near the border with Quenelles. It is famous for the Lace Tower, a tall spire built with so many windows that it looks as though it is made from stone lace. Dwarfs who see it mutter darkly about unsafe structures and future consequences, but the tower has stood for over a century.[1a]

No one has been allowed to enter it for over fifty years, however, and leaning on it is punished with ten lashes, even if you are the Duke’s daughter, much to her dismayed astonishment. The town of Aquitaine is to the west of the castle and fairly small. It used to be entirely to the east, but over the years it drifted, and now the eastern side is entirely abandoned. The current Duke sponsors expeditions to clear out unsavoury inhabitants and encourages burghers to settle there, but it isn’t working.[1a]


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