Heraldry of Parravon.

Cassyon of Parravon is the youngest of the Dukes of Bretonnia, still in his early twenties. Nevertheless, he is a Grail Knight and rides a Royal Pegasus.


Cassyon's father died whilst he was questing for the Grail, and the young Duke knew nothing of his status until he returned to Castle Parravon.[1a]

The Duke's counsellors find him very frustrating. He is an open and enthusiastic young man, bearing no malice towards anyone, which makes it almost impossible to dislike him. On the other hand, he believes he can fulfil his ducal duties simply by riding across the skies of the dukedom and striking down monsters. There is no doubt that he is good at that, but there are matters of taxation, justice, and administration that should also be seen to.[1a]

Duke Cassyon's prowess has not escaped the notice of the Parravonese, and the story that he is Duke Agilgar reborn has recently started to spread.[1a]

The Duke is also known as the Margrave of Parravon, a title often used in formal letters and missives.[3]

Battle of Montfort

Cassyon notably fought against the Empire at Axe Bite Pass, coming to Montfort's aid while Tristan le Troubadour hunted down a traitor who had assisted the Sigmarite invasion. The battle was fierce, with both sides drawing upon reserves of energy and courage whose existence few men would credit. By the time dusk fell, the ground about Montfort was choked with blood and the screams of the wounded threatened to eclipse the last sounds of the dying battle. It was only when the army of Parravon arrived, the Duke himself riding at the head of his household knights, that the conflict finally found resolution. True to character, the young Grail Knight soared away as soon as Bretonnia was victorious, likely searching for more foes to smite.[2]

The End Times

During the the events of the End Times, a Wood Elf army, led by the champion Araloth, was tasked with aiding the High Elves in rescuing the Everchild from the Vampires of Sylvania. The great host set out from Athel Loren on the dead of night, striking north towards Axe Bite Pass. Their course took them close to the walls of Parravon. Duke Cassyon, woken from his slumber by a sentry's call, wondered what vital errand drew the Fey Folk eastward. Alas, he was force to draw such an idle fancy from his mind. Having only recently fought against the dark forces of Mallobaude in the Bretonnian Civil War, he knew that his kingdom had enough problems of its own...[4]


Adorning the family standard of the Dukes of Parravon is the pegasus rampant, the ultimate symbol of wealth for any Knight fortunate enough to acquire one. This Heraldry was adopted by Lord Agilgar, first Duke of Parravon and one of the famed Companions of Gilles the Uniter. It is said to be a likeness of his winged steed Glorfinial, lord and sire of all Royal Pegasi, whom he befriended. It was atop his friend Glorfinial that Agilgar was carried into the Fifth Great Battle – the liberation of Parravon – paving his way to Companionhood by his actions that day.[3]


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