"There are many spirits who wander the world. They have died but they cannot leave. Some are evil and cling to this place with malice. Some are merely unfortunate, and simply need to be shown the way."
Caspar Freundlich
Cult of Morr

Freundlich is one of the Cult of Morr's foremost scholars on revenants and spirits. He has studied them for many years, ever since he was a boy, when his dead father visited regularly. Managing to put his father to rest, he now makes it his calling to deal with any unquiet spirits in the same way.[1a]

He travels the Old World, looking out for stories of hauntings and unusual happenings, and when something strikes his interest he investigates. His devotion to Morr has supplied him with the wherewithal to blast the spirits to the underworld, but he uses such power only in the most extreme cases.[1a]

Normally he attempts to find the most understanding way to put an end to a spirit's torment to allow it to rest in peace once and for all. If only that were possible more often...[1a]


The name is likely a reference to "Casper the Friendly Ghost".


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