Warhammer Ellyrion

Casadesus is a venerable asur servant of Lord Swiftwing, having served the lord of Tor Elyr since before the ascension of Finubar to the Phoenix Throne. He had borne Swiftwing's banner when the Ellyrians rode to war. They had watched friends pass away and, as was the way of things, they have grown old together. In a sense, Casadesus is the only family the noble has left. And no one gets under Arandir's skin more than family. Despite having been released from service a century ago, Casadesus remains for the same reason his master does, out of a sense of duty.[1a]

Slowly, and with deft finger strokes, Casadesus is able to work warmed oils into the knotted muscle tissue of Arandir's leg. Alchemists and healing mages have produced a poultice that eases the pain of Arandir's wound, though it cannot undo the damage. Every night, Casadesus does this, massaging his master's ruined leg, and every morning Arandir is able to walk without pain until the effects of the poultice wear off.[1a]


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