“Hmm... What an interesting anomoly. The details of the coastline suggest an inlet along this stretch. Perhaps we could land there and I could map out the interior?”
—Anonymous Cartographer[1a]


Cartographers chart the lay of the land for rich patrons, hardy Explorers, and collectors. They accompany expeditions into the wild but also transpose the shoddy work of others into a more readable form. Maps in the Old World are notoriously unreliable – whether they are surveys of local trails, ambitious region wide guides, or the mainly fictional representations of the Old World itself. Yet the services of Cartographers are still in great demand.[1a]

Notable Cartographers

  • Alois Krause – Alois Krause’s motto is ‘Give them what they want.’ If they are looking for treasure, he can come up with a treasure map; if they want a short cut through the mountains, he will deliver. He is a talented Cartographer with an artistic flourish, but he has never been known to let the truth get in the way of a good map. Surprisingly, he finds that the more outlandish his maps, the more fanciful the details, the more willing some gullible fool will be to pay for it. And so he makes his living doing what he enjoys without having to go to the trouble of tedious groundwork like research or surveying. But he is modest, too. He never takes the credit for his works of art, preferring to sign them on behalf of more credible and reputed Cartographers from around the Empire and beyond.[1a]


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