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A Carronade.[1]

Carronades are a form of cannon used by the Zombie Pirates of the Vampire Coast.


Many ships of the Undead fleets are equipped with broadside cannons known as Carronades or ‘smashers’, so named for the quick, splintering work they make of even the toughest ship hulls when brought within range. They first incapacitate their target before the zombie hordes board, murder, and loot according to their master’s will. As they sail off, another round of broadside cannon fire sends the ransacked ship and its blood-soaked decks to a watery grave. Carronades are comparable in size and power to the Great Cannons used in the field by the Empire, capable of causing a similar scale of devastation upon living targets and even reducing solid walls to rubble from afar. As with the armies of the Empire, Undead pirates drag their artillery onto the battlefield, with the hisses and cracks of smaller, handheld black powder weapons commonly preceded by the thundering booms of Carronade fire.[1]


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