"Among the Empire's most-storied regiments, the Carroburg Greatswords have earned their bloody reputation by slaying all comers in defence of their home city."
The famed Carroburg Greatswords.[5]
Carroburg Greatswords

The Carroburg Greatswords, a unit of Greatswords hailing from Reikland, are one of the most storied and famous regiments in the Empire.[1a]


The fame of the Carroburg Greatswords dates back to the Age of Three Emperors. In 1865 IC, they successfully defended the city of Carroburg, then under the control of Reikland, from the count of Middenland. Throughout the course of the battle, their white uniforms were stained red with blood. Since then, they have worn crimson uniforms in remembrance of that day.[1a]

Today, they fight in the service of Reikland, despite the fact that Carroburg has been reclaimed by Middenland. All but unbreakable in combat, "Wade through blood and spill a bath-full more" is the code by which the legendary Carroburg Greatswords live and die.[1a][5]

The End Times

Perhaps the most famous infantry regiment in the Empire, the Carroburg Greatswords had fought to defend the realm for centuries. Ruthless killers, the Carroburg men had felled Minotaurs, Trolls, Giants, even Daemons in their storied history. Those fighting under the same colours in Karl Franz's reign were seconded to General Aldred Van Carroburg's army, a stout backbone to his force.[2a]

Alas, while serving as part of Aldrad's relief force after the Battle of Marienburg, the Greatswords were utterly destroyed by enemy troops within the city.[2a]


  • Portrait of a Carroburg Greatsword


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