Most Dwarfs regard trees simply as useful fuel for their forges. There is one exception – wutroth, or ironbark. The stout, broadtrunked, smooth-barked tree once grew in plentiful supply in the highlands surrounding the old dwarf strongholds, but most of the forests were destroyed during the Time of Woes. Dwarfs once used its extremely tough but pliable wood as a durable material in their architecture and artefacts, making the Guild of Carpenters an honoured and wealthy establishment. Today the guild is much diminished, for iron and brass are the preferred building materials of most dwarfs and wutroth is so rare that it is almost as expensive as gromril. If a grove happens to be found, it is well-guarded and the wood is reserved for kingly artefacts. The Carpenters' Guild survives as an elite institution of a few highly-specialised individuals, carving wutroth as a status symbol for royalty.[1a]


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