Carmine Dragon

A Carmine Dragon.

Carmine, or Encarmine Dragons as they are sometimes known to dark legend, are strange and rare beasts even among their storied kin.


They are born, it is said according to arcane lore, when the dragon lair in which it is spawned has become saturated by Shyish, the Amethyst wind of death, which is gathered and magnified within the heart and soul of the dragon to be born. They are named for their strange and lustrous scales, supple as sin and harder than steel, which begin a deep ruby when they are young, darkening to a purple so deep as to be almost black as they age.[1a]

Carmine Dragons are sinister, clever and deadly creatures, and considered spectres of death in many ancient tales - one's appearance in the lore of the Dwarfs is always seen as an omen that presages disaster. They are reputed to lair in dark swamps, ancient battle sites and the ruins of fallen cities - anywhere where death has had lease on a great scale, for in some way the echoes of destruction are said to feed their power, and the spirits of the dead whisper to them in the darkness. The wrath of a Carmine Dragon is truly terrible to behold, and only rarely will they ever submit to an alliance, let alone to be ridden, save as part of some dark purpose or design of their own, although if they do, it is usually only to one themselves knowledgeable in dark and arcane lore.[1a]


The Carmine Dragon's breath weapon is a sorcerous blast of powerful Amethyst magic capable of withering metal and rendering flesh to dust as if millennia had passed in mere seconds.[1a]

They can also grow to become Emperor Carmine Dragons, who are mighty wizards in their own right, able to instinctively wield the power of Shyish.[1a]


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