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"If you are half the man they make you out to be, then you will have little problem in reclaiming my stolen property. "
Carlotta de Villarias to Brunner The Bounty hunter.[1]

Countess Carlotta de Villarías is a young and eccentric Estalian noblewoman, in addition to possessing a timeless beauty that had been shaped throughout time by artists. However, the creature that calls itself Carlotta de Villarías is actually a Vampire, belonging to the ancestral clan of the Lahmia.[1]

Carlotta has existed in the world since long before the formation of the Empire, and its origin can be traced back to the fiery sands that once housed the Nehekhara civilization. Its area of ​​influence is Estalia, residing in Magritta, but it is rich enough to have properties in other territories and nations of the Old World.[1]

Like the other members of this vampiric lineage, Carlotta has an unearthly beauty and arcane knowledge, and uses both to seduce men and form a legion of faithful servants and lapdogs, submissive slaves who would die for her, obeying each of their whims in the hopes that he will give them the gift that will allow them to join the court of the night. Carlotta only grants this privilege to those she finds interesting, which are usually very few.[1]

Carlotta is a master of the art of seduction with the naked eye, but she is also arrogant and vain, and often kills those who show her the slightest slight. She especially dislikes men with enough willpower to resist her charms; although there are few occasions when the very old vampire woman meets a mortal who manages to deny her ethereal fascinations.[1]

Although Carlotta has the strength and combative skills of vampires, she hates fighting as the wrath of battle causes her to adopt the worst physical features of her species, spoiling her beauty, so she prefers her lackeys to take care of it. of the problem. Still, if she has no choice, she is still a very dangerous adversary.[1]

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Carlotta was born into the ancient civilization of Nehekhara. She received the Blood Kiss from Queen Neferata herself, the first of the Vampires and the founder of the Lahmia clan, learning all about vampiric powers and arcane abilities. She was with her mistress when the city ​​of Lahmia was stormed and fell by the vengeful Nehekharan armies commanded by King Alcadizzar.[1]

Although several vampires managed to escape, Carlotta and many others were captured by the soldiers of Nehb-ka-menthu, the Priest-King of Khareops, the City of Pillars. The King was fascinated by the power of necromancy developed by Nagash and the blood-drinking undead creatures; and he longed to rise far beyond even eternal life and the supernatural power of vampires.[1]

Over the course of many years, Vampires gave up their secrets as the insane priest-king poked their bodies with salt, silver, and hawthorn. He bled them dry and drank the ichor of the Vampires to eternalize his own life, and one by one they died until only Carlotta remained. She was only able to avoid that fate when Nagash's powers wiped out almost all living things in Nehekhara, including Nehb-ka-menthu, who was mummified by the last survivors of the city.[1]

The vampire fled the dead city, and survived for months by drinking the blood of insects and Greenskins, until she reached the lands of men, reuniting with other vampiric survivors of her clan. Since then she has regained her power and extended her influence for centuries, but she still has the fear that the accursed Nehb-ka-menthu will return from the dead and finish the work that began centuries ago.[1]

Later she retrieved Nehb-ka-menthu's sarcophagus and made his body return to the city of Miragliano only to lose it due to the betrayal of some of her subordinates, it was then that she hired Brunner The Bounty Hunter to track down the Mummy and destroy it once and for all.[1]


  • She has a palazzo in the reach side of Miragliano where she lives occasionally with her household Ortez.
  • She gave the Blood Kiss to two bodyguards, while Relotto was her brawn, Torici was her brain. The two vampires naturally complemented each another.


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