Caraz-Lumbar was a Dwarfen fortress along the Worlds Edge Mountains. Once part of a defence system that separated the old Dwarfen realm from the forests of the west, it is now a ruin after its defeat by a Greenskin army. It is remembered in the Lay of Lipstrangle, a ballad remembering a Halfling cook who poured a cauldron of oxtail soup on Orcs attacking the west wall.[1a]


At the time of its destruction, Caraz-Lumbar was commanded by Chieftain Dumwin Stoutbelly, who had been given command by his father, Grim Skullhammer.[1b] A Halfling, Quango Lipstrangle, served as High Tabler (cook) and an archer. Although there are no exact records of the event, it is estimated that 5 Imperial Dwarfs, 8 Dwarf warriors, and 8 Dwarf death-hailers (crossbowmen) made up the rest of the garrison. To support themselves, they had 1 brazier, 4 batches of water, 1 batch of oxtail soup, 5 batches of rocks, and 5 batches of stones.

The Greenskins were led by Bogrot Stuntybane who had also persuaded a Giant, Grimsmirk Danglejaw of Dogs Bottom Down, to join him. It is estimated that Stuntybane also had 3 Orc Rippers with him. The rest of the army included 20 Orc warriors, 10 Orc archers, 30 Goblins, 10 Goblin elite warriors, and 22 Goblin archers. The armies had brought with it 10 scaling ladders, 20 grapples, and 2 log rams.[1a]

The Greenskins eventually destroyed the fortress. The Lay of Lipstrangle suggests that Stoutbelly threatened Danglejaw as part of the last stand, but the Giant simply bit the Dwarf in half.[1a]


Caraz-Lumbar was rectangular with a tower on each corner. The west and east walls were double the length of the north and south walls.[1a]


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