"‘I never wanted this burden. It just came on me. I’m only a man...I’ve only ever been a man. A wicked, evil man, who has done wicked, evil things. But I was never a monster. Never that.’"
Canto the Unsworn.
Star of Chaos

Canto the Unsworn was a Warrior of Chaos Undivided.

Canto the Unsworn is an ancient and legendary, yet little-known Chaos Champion, who would in his own actions save the world from the enslavement of Chaos many centuries before the beginning of the End Times.


Canto was, unlike many Champions before him, still a man who was true to only himself and kept with him throughout his journey a flicker of his own humanity. In his beginnings, Canto was an Imperial living within the city-state of Nuln during the onset of the Great War against Chaos.

In that time, Canto had made a choice, a decision from which he had to choose a side within a conflict that might either reward him with survival or death. All Canto had to do, was to betray and kill a long-known acquaintance of his, a good friend. In that final moment, Canto could not bear to go through with it and he faltered, never knowing that his decision had inadvertently saved the Empire, and that of the World from imminent destruction, for the friend he did not kill was none other than Magnus the Pious.

That decision had since plagued Canto's destiny for years after the wars end. He chose the wrong side and had lost. Not only has he failed at his mission that the Dark Gods had given him, but now he could never return to the life he previously had. Forced into exile, Canto was ever a survivalist amongst the many Warriors that dominate the Northern Waste. Canto knew that to seek patronage from a particular God would only lead to his death, and so he'd made sure to evade the eyes of the Gods for as long as he possibly could. He would wear no symbol of allegiance, his armor was large, powerful yet bare and featureless. His appearance and deeds had since given him the well-known title as the "Unsworn".

Canto during his life as a Chaos Champion had fought for many Warlords in the past, such as the legendary Khornate Champion, Garmr the Gorewolf, or the Tzeentchian Sorceror, Tzerpichore the Unwritten. Yet he had always survived the bloodshed, the victories and defeats, for Canto is as cunning a creature as he is an exceptional warrior. Yet even Canto could not run away from his fate for long, and during the final days of the End Times, Canto shall once more be given a decision that could once again save the World from annihilation, or plunge it headlong into Chaos...


  • The Road of Skulls (Novel) by Josh Reynolds
  • The Lord of the End Times (Novel) by Josh Reynolds
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