In Bögenhafen's Artisan Quarter, there are plenty of inns and taverns, one of which is Cadbury's, a small and unpretentious hostel near the entrance to the quarter. Run by Amos Cadbury and his four sons, this small hostel is a single-storey stone building, with a thatched roof.[1a]

Cadbury's devotes half the building to the business of serving food and drink, offering ten tables and seven booths, plus a long wooden bar. For those who prefer to eat their meals in privacy, Cadbury's has a small dining room that can seat eight.[1b]

Though most of its business comes from the restaurant, the hostel offers accommodations for those in need. There are ten rooms, each of which includes a bed, nightstand, and lamp, and a brazier for heat in the winter. A wardrobe provides a place to hold belongings and a nice rug completes each room. Maids clean the rooms every two days (though for a few extra pence, they'll clean more often). In all, the food is good, and the rest is of an average quality. Cadbury's has recently become a favoured haunt of local metalworkers, who file in around 7:00 PM and drink and carouse until about midnight.[1b]


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