Bylorhof is home to the worship of Bylorak, God of the Marshes, believed by some scholars to be an aspect of Taal or Manann. To the residents of this settlement, though, Bylorak is no scholar's aspect—he's their God, and they're proud to be his holiest site. When Vlad von Carstein began to drive the priests out of Sylvania, Bylorhof's priests of Sigmar, Shallya, and Morr all fled, but not the priest of Bylorak. Going underground, he maintained his cult amongst the thousand souls of Bylorhof, ignored by the Vampires who considered them worshippers of the worthless "God of the swamp behind the chicken pen."

This changed when Count Ranelf von Feuerfliege was given control of the town after Mannfred's resurrection. Eager to prove his abilities, he took on the cult of Bylorak and lost. His decapitated body is now staked to the bottom of Bylorhof Marsh. In the sudden vacuum of power, the priests of Bylorak took control, reassuring the people they would be safe from retribution. They reopened the town’s temples and invited priests from Stirland to administer them, and they began petitioning Wurtbad to bring them back into the fold, subtly suggesting they would turn to Averland for assistance if they did not.

With four temples operating and the belief in the God of the marshes at an all-time high, Bylorhof glows painfully with holiness when seen with Vampire’s eyes. It is the only place in Sylvania to have successfully resisted the Vampire Counts, at least, so far.


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