Squatting behind unfortunate merchant houses in Praag's West Side is a small, but very noisy, Ogre ghetto. Very few Ogres can stand city life, but they sometimes need a place to stay until the next trade caravan heads west. They bunk in this area and dine at Butcher Bigfeast's hall. Previously a tanning house, the boiling pots are now used for cooking stew, and the long tables are filled with the roar of hungry diners. The serving sizes are immense, dining lasts for hours, and whole stanitsas are supported by Bigfeast’s constant need for livestock. Rumours abound that Humans are also on the menu, but Ballison Bigfeast and his staff—a proud Halfling clan—vigorously deny such accusations. Dining is broken up by plenty of violent brawls, however, and it is a place where Ogres can be Ogres. A sign on the door reads "No slims! No stunties! No twigs!"— and only a Human, Dwarf, or Elf with a serious death wish would break those rules.[1a][1b]


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