Named for their habit of living in burrows found in the side of cliffs, Burrow-hawks are heavily mutated birds found in the Chaos Wastes. Though all have sapphire feathers and scarlet wings, their mutations render each unique, from extra wings to serpent-like heads to grotesque wattles and thorns growing out of their legs. The hawks are known to work together when anything comes close to their nests. One such location being a few hundred yards to the top of the cliffside overlooking the Frozen Sea, where their squawking and shrieking are soon followed by a flurry of wings, claws and sharp beaks. Even if one could communicate with them, their earsplitting clamour of squawks and shrieks would come off as laughter, being too willful to obey commands, that is, unless they are given a reason to fear.[1a]


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