Burlock Damminson

Burlok Damminson

Burlok Damminson is the Guildmaster of the Dwarf Engineers Guild, the leader and most important Dwarf in the entire Guild.


As a young Dwarf, Burlok was something of a rebel. Along with his friend Sven Hasselfriesan, he invented the warpfire distillery, the aerial wonder rocket, and the steam radiophone. At some point, due to an experimental pressure vessel exploding, Burlok lost his arm and Burlok's father Dammin destroyed all of their devices. Sven went on to invent the alcohol vapour engine and was thrown out of the Guild, but Burlok became a traditionalist, wanting to preserve and maintain the standards of Dwarf craftsmanship.[1a]

Burlok went on to achieve great things and accompany the Guild to battle on many occasions. He built himself a mechanical replacement arm, which he has perfected to become superior to a normal limb. His son, Grimm Burloksson, became the youngest Dwarf to become a Master Engineer.[2a]


  • Burlok's Hammer - in battle Burlok wields an ornate, elaborate and deadly version of a craftsman's hammer, engraved with the Master Rune of Swiftness.[1a] 
  • Burlok's Armour - Burlok wears heavy gromril armour, engraved with the Rune of Stone and the Rune of Iron.[1a] 


  • 4th Edition.


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