"Don't blow the froth off! It's the best part!"
–Anonymous Slayer.[2]
Warhammer Bugmans Brew

A keg of Bugman's XXXXX.

Bugman's Ale, also known as Bugman's Brew or Bugman's XXXXX is one of the greatest and most refreshing alcoholic beverages ever created.


First brewed by Josef Bugman, and later distributed throughout the major cities of the Old World, drinking a frothy mug of this ale bolsters a person’s resolve, making him immune to fear for a multiple of ten hours. However, Bugman’s Ale is extremely potent, counting as four drinks.[1a] Despite the destruction of the brewery, the creator, Josef Bugman, survives and so long as he lives, his famous ale can still be seen within many famous taverns throughout the world.


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