Bruno Widmann came to Deadgate 10 years ago from Nuln as the only surviving member of a doomed trade caravan. Ashamed to return home in disgrace, he decided to settle in Karak Azgal. At the time, the pit fighting business here was disorganized and poorly run. Bruno set about changing that. He convinced Dmitri Markov, the owner of the Ice Maiden, he could turn the pit fighting into a real moneymaker for both of them. Dmitri agreed and funded the deal.[1b]

With Dmitri’s backing and Bruno’s business sense it didn’t take long for them to put all the other pit fighting operations out of business. Today, there is only one show in town and it’s Bruno's, the Pit of Blood. He has hawkers promoting the fights all day in both Skalf's Hold and Deadgate. He gets the best talent and makes sure his audience goes home satisfied.[1a][1b]

There is one problem for Bruno. Although he did not realize it at first, he learned Dmitri is the most powerful Crime Lord in all of Deadgate. Now, two of Markov's thugs follow Bruno around all the time supposedly to keep him safe. Dmitri also takes a bigger percentage of the gambling winnings and gate fees from the Pit. Bruno believes Dmitri no longer trusts him and he's now scared for his life. He would pay almost anything to hire the right people eliminate Dmitri for him.[1b]

Bruno is 5’8” tall and quite overweight. He wears fine clothing and a hat to cover his balding head.[1b]


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