The Brotherhood of the Forked Beard is a secret organisation of Dwarfs who oppose the intrusion by outsiders into the halls of their ancestors. They see the adventuring types as tomb robbers and desecrators, each act defiling the dead. To respond to these intrusions, the Brotherhood regularly sends forays into the ruins to eliminate outsiders, butchering them, and recovering the treasures for themselves. While there, these Dwarfs are also likely to attack Skaven, Orcs, or just about whatever and whomever they encounter. Many adventuring parties met a terrible end trying to help a group of Dwarfs fight Greenskins only to have the Dwarfs turn on them once the Orcs and Goblins were destroyed.[1a]

A typical Brotherhood raiding party consists of one-to-ten Brotherhood Raiders and one Brotherhood Raid Leader. They wear unmarked armour and clothing so they don't give away their membership to the secret society. In fact, the only identifying characteristic they have is a forked beard for which the brotherhood is named. They do not take prisoners and in many cases, fight to the death.[1a]


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