This dangerous band of zealots, known as the Brotherhood of Saint Soeren of the Sword, has been gathered together by one mad visionary, Nikolaus Hoff. A former tradesman who lost everything thanks to a risky shipping scheme, Nikolaus turned to criminal elements for a loan to see his business through. When he could not pay them, they set fire to his house.[1a]

His lovely wife and children were consumed by the flames and he was terribly burned. But then, amidst the searing pain, he had a vision of an angel with an outstretched sword. As he crawled amongst the rubble of his home, he found the only object to survive the fire – a charred wooden statue of Saint Soeren of the Sword, his family's protector. He mounted the statue on a crude sort of standard and went off to follow where the sword led him.[1a]

Nikolaus Hoff has attracted a crowd of like-minded zealots with his fiery rhetoric and mad visions. They follow him on his mad march. They are headed somewhere – but where that is, none can say. However, it is fair to assume that with a band of this many madmen, inflamed with Nikolaus' constant sermons about justice and divine retribution, their destination and journey will likely not be peaceful.[1a]


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