Cult of Ranald 3-0
"If a holy man takes something for his god, does that make him a thief?"
Rudolf Klammer, Brotherhood of Altdorf[1b]

The Brotherhood is a mysterious Ranaldian order that stretches all across the Old World, represented in some fashion in nearly every large city. The order is dedicated to one aspect of Ranald: the Night Prowler. To say it is a criminal organisation is not entirely accurate, but not far off either.[1a]

The network supports the work of some of the more adventurous cultists of Ranald in their efforts to steal as much as they can get from the privileged classes. The Brotherhood of Altdorf is particularly secretive as prominent members of the Cults of Sigmar and Verena have pledged to put an end to their activities.[1a]

The order is dedicated to helping fellow members with whatever they need to procure their goods, and to get rid of it for the best price afterwards. One of their best clients, said to be a high-ranking cultist of Ranald himself, is a minor noble who compulsively collects the stolen valuables of other nobles. He is trying to complete his collection of all the Reikland’s nobility’s snuff boxes.[1a]


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