"We have to know what the Bretties are up to. Blackmail is fine, but no violence, you understand?"
Brother Dominic[1a]
Brother Dominic

Brother Dominic

A bit under 5'6", in his mid-50's his body is finally turning to fat. Grey, tonsured hair rests above sympathetic blue eyes. His beardless face shows keen intelligence and is well-furrowed by lines of concern. He affects a slight stutter.[1a]

Brother Dominic came to the cathedral six years ago with papers showing he had been sent there by a minor temple in Sudenland. It was a lie. He was actually an experienced Imperial spy who had been placed there to rebuild the network of Empire agents that had been broken by the Fog Walkers. He had been a Shallyan initiate, long ago, but had fallen from the faith. Working in the infirmary has seen his faith reborn and now he serve serves two masters: Shallya and the Emperor.[1a]

He reconciles the apparent conflict through the nature of his mission: not to subvert Marienburg but to thwart Bretonnian actions and prevent their gaining influence over the Directorate. Although a pacifist (he will defend himself if attacked, however), he and his organization have been instrumental in thwarting the plots of the Chambre Noire, employing increasingly creative means to avoid violence. At the same time, he is serious about his work in the infirmary and is well liked both by the staff and the resident patients, none of whom know his secret.[1a]

Brother Dominic has extensive contacts among the poor of Marienburg, especially in the south of the city - manyhave come to him seeking treatment. He also knows many influential students from Baron Henryk's, who visit in the morning for his secret hang-over cure. His immediate ring of lieutenants, including respected members of the Marienburg establishment, know of his covert identity. He has no direct dealings with lower-ranking members of the organization to protect his secret. His true role is known to Trancas Quendalmanliye, with whom he occasionally trades information.[1a]


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