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Metal Miner Champion model, used to represent Brok Stonefist.[1b]

Brok Stonefist was a mighty warrior who led the armies of Karak Azgal into battle countless times during the War of the Beard.[1b]


Brok was a warrior renowned for his knowledge of the Underways that zig-zagged beneath the ground, linking the ancient Dwarf Karaks. He fought with great success against the High Elves during the War of Vengeance, leading the army of Karak Azgal with ingenuity and bravery.[1b]

The only Elven general who matched him in terms of strategy and personal combat was Lord Salendor of Tor Achare. The two had a mutual respect and fought each other with ferocity on numerous occasions throughout the war.[1a]

Relentless to the end, Brok met his fate fighting his nemesis during the fall of Athel Maraya. Though they were evenly matched, the burning inferno of the doomed city eventually claimed these two mighty heroes.[1b]


Brok Stonefist wore the Rune Armor of Karak Azgal and wielded the pick known as Garaz Makaz. He also carried the Talisman of Stone.[1b]

  • Garaz Makaz - An ancient and powerful weapon and mining tool, Garaz Makaz was a family heirloom, handed down from Brok's great grandfather, who was a renowned miner. It was inscribed with a Master Rune of Breaking and the Master Rune of Alaric the Mad.[1b]
  • Rune Armour of Karak Azgal - This revered suit of armour was intricately designed and wrought with the finest runes. After Brok's death, the blackened armour was recovered and carried with reverence back to Karak Azgal, where it has remained ever since, deep within its vaults. The Rune Armour of Karak Azgal is inscribed with the Master Rune of Gromril and the Master Rune of Steel.[1b]
  • Talisman of Stone - This talisman was an ancient rune item, gifted to Brok by a Runelord of Karak Azgal after Brok saved the Runelord's nephew. It imbued him with regeneration, allowing him to heal otherwise fatal wounds unnaturally fast.[1b]


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