Brogtar was a hulking Orc Warboss who ruled during the time of the Twelve Great Battles.


A particularly giant and bloated Orc, Brogtar led a vast army of Greenskins into the Bretonni realm of Brionne. When the fabled Grail Companions reached the embattled region, they came upon the rearguard of the Orcish horde. At their head was Brogtar and his lesser Warbosses, mounted atop long-necked Wyverns.[1]

Upon sighting this, the Companion Fredemund sounded his clarion-horn and summoned a mighty flock of falcons that struck terror into the black hearts of the enemy and tore at the wings of the Wyverns, driving them to the ground. The knights fought deep into the heart of the Greenskin horde, where lord Landuin of Mousillon struck down Brogtar and Fredemund slew his monstrous mount.[1]


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