"We Brigundians are a proud people, Sigmar, but that is not always a good thing. When first you came before me, I saw an opportunity to be rid of you, for I had no wish to be drawn into what I believed to be your quest to enslave all the tribes with pretty words and high ideals. But when you accepted the task of slaying Skaranorak, I realised that you spoke true and that I had acted selfishly.’"
King Siggurd, asking King Sigmar forgiveness for his selfish ways[2b]
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Warhammer Brigundian Horsemens

The Brigundians were famous for their horsemenship and chariots

The Brigundian are an ancient war-like tribe of Human barbarians populating the lands of what is today Averland, and as such the Brigundians are the direct ancestors of the modern day Averlander. Like many other tribes, the Brigundians came into the lands of the Empire in -1000 IC and settled within the lands between the Upper Reik River and the Aver River.[1a] In such a land as wide, fertile and open as this, the early Brigundians were known for their value on trade goods and being masters of horses and chariot warfare. From their great camps and fort at the future site of Averheim, the kings of the Brigundians made war against the Humans of the Unberogen, Asoborns, and Merogen tribes and the invading bands of Orcs and Goblins from the World's Edge Mountains. They developed good relations with the Dwarfs and often provided cavalry for their armies in exchange for their aid and craftsmenship. The Brigundians developed a reputation as fierce warriors who liked to strike fast and hard, they had the respect of even their bitterest rivals.[1b]

When Sigmar sought to unify the tribes, the Brigundians were one the last of the major tribes he had to bring to the fold, for their lands lie directly towards the mountains and the soon to be famed Black Fire Pass. Having been told by a Hag Witch that the Brigundians can never been brought to the fold by warfare, King Sigmar went alone towards the Brigundian lands and sought an audience with King Siggurd, ruler of the Brigundians. King Siggurd was a man of cunning and intrigue and felt at first that Sigmar was using false promises and high ideals to enslave his tribe to his service. Sigmar was sincere about his propose and goal and so he accepted the King's request for him to slay the fearsome Dragon Ogre, Skaranoak, as a sign of his sincerity.[2a]

When Sigmar, through sweat and blood, singlehandedly kill the fearsome beast and brought not just the fang of the beast as proof of his deed, but also a golden ring which once was claimed by King Siggurd's deceased son, the King of the Brigundians saw the folly and selfishness in his early assumption and felt truly guilty for having sent King Sigmar to what he believed was going to be his certain doom. Sigmar, ever the humble warrior-king, forgave Siggurd and assured him that all that he has promised was sincere. On that day, the Brigundians joined Sigmar's cause and became a proud founding member of the newly formed Empire.[2b]


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