The Brides of Burning Blood are one of a growing number of Witch Elf cults that have no permanent shrine in any of the Dark Elf cities. They prefer to worship Khaine solely on the battlefield, where the gore soaked ground is their altar, and the blood of foes their offering to the bloody-handed god. They have little interest in taking live captives back to Naggaroth, for they believe that blood spilt in the heat of battle, where it is raw and still filled with both fear and anger, is amongst the most treasured by Khaine. As Khaine is also the lord of suffering, the Brides make use of a rare poison with which they coat their wicked blades, a toxin that literally boils the blood of its victims. Any cut by such a blade die in fits of agonising screams, their own steaming lifeblood erupting from steaming arteries.[1a]

After a battle the gore-soaked Brides are brought before the Death Hag one at a time. Should more than a few patches of skin be discovered that have not been touched by an offering to Khaine – namely blood spilt in battle – then it will be decreed that the sacrifices made were unacceptable to the Lord of Murder. In a frenzy of repentant fury, the Witch Elves then seek out other victims and will fall upon them with renewed vigor. It matters not if these victims are other Dark Elves, so eager are the Brides to spill blood in the name of their merciless god.[1a]


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