"More rustic stabling is given over to the peasantry for their lowly geldings and nags."
The common stables of Bretonnia.[1]
Bretonnia stables (1)

Stables are a vital part of Bretonnia's highly chivalrous society.


The great destriers ridden by the Knights do not mingle with the farmers' nags and plough horses that the Yeomen ride to war. Their stables are much more modest and riders are expected to look to their own steed's upkeep, equipment and livery.[1]


"Bretonnians ride to war on proud steeds generally looked after by a squire or stable boys in well-appointed liveries."
The noble Livery stables.[1]

It says much about a nation where the horses of its nobles live in far more luxury than most of the populace. Of course, most peasants do not have to ride to war in heavy barding or face the terrors that the Knights of the Realm do when in battle. Perhaps, therefore, if given the choice a peasant wouldn't swap his lot with that of a horse. A strange quandary, admittedly, but one that has been asked during many a tavern chatter.[1]

Royal Stables

"What defines a Royal Stable? When the equines eat better than their riders."
The grand Royal Stables.[1]

The burden of Bretonnian military might rests heavily upon their cavalry, and the Knights of the Realm know that there is no great honour than to ride a Bretonnian steed into battle. These horses are held in far higher regard than the peasants, and even some nobles. The most-prized steeds are reserved for the boldest and bravest Knights, and as such live in only the finest stables; accommodation that puts some noble mansions to shame![1]

Pegasus Aeries

"The highly-prized pegasi of the Grey Mountains are kept in opulent 'sky-stables' known as aeries."
The aeries of the mystical Pegasi.[1]

Most Pegasus Knights hail from around the border city of Parravon. Here, there is a whole cottage industry built around trekking into the Grey Mountains, hunting wild Pegasi - or their foals - and then rearing or training them to be suitable battlefield mounts for Knights of the Realm.[1]

Royal Menageries

"A prison more than a stable, for those housed within are terribly untamed."
The Royal Menageries of Bretonnia's fiercest mounts.[1]

Only the bravest, or most foolish, Bretonnian Knights dream of capturing and taming their own Hippogryph. Such fearsome, quarrelsome beasts are very difficult to bring to heel, and many a Knight has met a grizzly end in the attempt. Yet those who succeed are heralded as bold indeed, and their prized steeds are kept under careful watch in the Royal Menageries, until such a time as Bretonnia has need of the Hippogryph's baleful strength.[1]


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