Pilgrimages are highly important, spiritual and often perilous journeys undertaken by the people of Bretonnia.


Bretonnians are deeply religious people. All Bretonnians, no matter what their status may be in the feudal order, revere the Lady of the Lake and put their faith and trust in her. Whereas Knights can always redeem themselves or seek virtue by going on the Grail Quest, commoners and ladies cannot do this and so they must set out on pilgrimages.[1]

The object of the pilgrimage will often be a famous Grail Chapel of great sanctity, or a lake or spring sacred to the Lady of the Lake. To drink the waters or pray at the chapel ensures good fortune, because the place is blessed with the benign magic of the Lady. The hardships of the journey and its perils are endured with a steadfast fortitude that comes from the pilgrim’s unshakeable faith.[1]

Grail Pilgrims

A Grail Pilgrim, as long as he follows his Grail Knight, accepting the hardships of life on the road, is deemed to be on pilgrimage and thus cannot be seized by his lord. Few join purely for this independence, however, as Grail Knights seek out dangerous places, and the life expectancy of Grail Pilgrims is not long...[2]


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