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"From his position on the Aftcastle of the Grande Roi, Admiral Le Fevre of the Bretonnian Fleet regarded his assembled ships with pride. Sails and banners emblazoned with heraldic devices and crests of the Bretonnian nobility stretched before him in a wash of bold colours. His Corsair and Buccaneer squadrons were ready to fight, and the battle lines drawn up according to plan. The vast Galleons Invincible, Indomitable and Redoubt held the centre of the Bretonnian fleet, each rivalling the Grande Roi for size, power and elegant beauty."
A noble fleet of the Bretonnian Navy.[1]

The Bretonnian Grand Admiralty’s Coat of Arms.

The Bretonnians are considered the greatest Human sailors in the World. With their great sails billowing in the wind, their ships are a majestic sight on the high seas. Relying on sail for speed and manoeuvrability, they try to outgun their enemies with mighty broadsides.[1a]


Bretonnia's military is one of extreme contrasts: between the gleaming Knights of the aristocracy and the subordinate warrior serfdom of the Men-at-Arms, and between towering stone Castles and vast, enchanted countryside.[2]

As many Bretonnian nobles consider naval warfare to be unchivalrous, their ships are mostly crewed by armoured Yeoman and Peasants. These commoners are still driven by the obsessive notions of the Grail Cult that permeates their land.[1]

Those few knights who do choose to fight at sea often act as captains and elite marines, while those who own noble Pegasi provide aerial defence. On rare occasions, even mighty Grail Knights will fight alongside a ship's crew.[1][2]

Bretonnian ships are virtually castles in themselves, protected by vast towers, Cannons and Trebuchets. Each vessel is a work of art befitting its Ducal benefactor, with finely carved wood decorated by murals and patterns. Such expert construction makes the Bretonnian fleet among the most manoeuvrable in existence.[1][2]

Because their crews are the finest in all the Old World, and because of their excellent design, Bretonnian sailing ships can move easily in harsh conditions. Only sailing directly against the wind makes any difference to them.[1]

Bretonnian Fleet



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