"The local watch is garrisoned in the town barracks, the Knight-messenger's first stop when a muster is called."
The standard Bretonnian Barracks.[1]
Bretonnia barracks

Within Bretonnia, a Barracks commonly houses the lowborn infantry that make up the bulk of the kingdom's military. Some, however, house and train more elite units.


Under normal circumstances, the town barracks is where the local watch is stationed. Bretonnian watchmen are notoriously ill-equipped and trained, being little more than peasants themselves and generally consisting of bullies and bad apples more interested in lining their own pockets than keeping order. However, when war is declared, the barracks is expected to supply the better stock for the smallfolk militias.[1]

Training Fields

"On the village green, peasants are given sword, spear and a veteran warder to train them."
The Training Fields of Bretonnia.[1]

When militias are mustered, local farmhands put down their hoes on the training fields, raising their rusty swords or spears begrudgingly supplied by the local Lord. Bowmen too are put to the test; poachers and huntsmen are sought out and expected to form units, although their quarry is the enemy, rather than coneys or the King's deer.[1]

Rally Fields

"For larger musters, a more populated area closer to the town is required."
The Dukedoms' Rally Fields.[1]

Rally fields are set up on common ground - areas generously given by the Duke for use by the local populace for summer fetes, open air religious ceremonies, and of course, tournament grounds, where Knights gather to show off their martial skills. In more desperate times, peasants of fighting age are expected to report there when the call to arms goes out.[1]

Royal Barracks

"At the centre of the Bretonnian army is a core of soldiers, drilled since birth to be warriors par excellence."
The Royal Barracks of Bretonnia's peasant-elite.[1]

Not all troops are levied from among the common folk. Some men - nobler men - are raised to be warriors, and do so because it is not only their duty, but also their honour. Being 'mostly' of aristocratic stock, they live and train in their own barracks, furnished with the best weapons and armour that coin and privilege can buy.[1]


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