Not to be confused with the Brass Citadel of Khorne.

Brass Keep is an abandoned, derelict fortress located deep within the Middle Mountains of the Empire's northern borders.


Since the time of Sigmar Heldenhammer, Brass Keep as ever been a home to both Imperial and evil forces alike. In its earliest years, Brass Keep was home to a dreadful Necromancer known as Morath, a man who survived the fall of Mourkain and held within his possession the legendary Crown of Sorcery. In its past glories, Brass Keep was a mighty mountain fortress, its towers were tall and slender, and its walls were smooth and fashioned with great cunning. A great iron portal wreathed in sharpened spikes barred entry, and spectral light shone from every shuttered tower and lofty turret of the gatehouse. At the heart of the dreadful castle, a single tower of pearlescent stone rose above all others, and from it shone a pulsing dead light, a glow that drained life from the landscape instead of illuminating it.[1a]

Whatever befell the Fortress is never known, for all that is left is a lonely and forgotten husk by the time Sigmar came upon it. When Sigmar and his army entered the citadel, they saw that the walls were simply walls, bereft of ramparts or stairs, and the towers were simply columns of stone without any means of accessing them. What buildings there were in the courtyard were simply ruined shells, little more than rubble and decay. Perhaps there had once been a mountain fortress here, but it had long since been forgotten by the race of men. Only the single tower of pearlescent stone remained, and it was here that Sigmar confronted the Necromancer and ended his reign. Ever since then, Brass Keep would change hands to many would-be conquerors for centuries to come.[1b]

Modern Brass Keep is known as a hideout for the Warriors of Chaos. Despite numerous attempts from the Empire to root them out, the latest in 2370 IC, Brass Keep stands defiant, offering the servants of Chaos a safe haven.[2a]


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