King Bragarik was a powerful Dwarf King (possibly High King) who led the first Dwarf army against the rising Waaagh! of Grom the Paunch. Their armies clashed at the Battle of Iron Gate, which while having no clear victor, led to heavy losses for the Dwarfs and was considered a disaster. He would later send emissaries to Emperor Dieter IV to call for aid, but was disgusted by the Emperor's response. The Emperor's cowardice would later make its own entry into the Book of Grudges by the King himself.[1a]


  • It is unclear who exactly King Bragarik is. It can be speculated that he may be a High King, as the passage in Orcs and Goblins 8th Edition mentioned the King recieved his message from the Emperor from the hold of Karaz-a-Karak, and the King of the capital is typically also the High King of the Dwarfs. It also mentioned that the King added another grudge within the Book of Grudges, a duty allocated only to a High King. However, he has only ever been called a King, not a High King.


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