The Bow consists of a single piece of flexible wood. Though somewhat expensive and difficult to make well, bows are standbys for hunters and soldiers alike. Fashioned from wood, horn, and sinew, bows offer a decent range while dealing a respectable level of damage, though it often takes several shots from a bow to drop a tough opponent. Bows vary in quality, based on pull and construction. A bow that is too flexible lacks the force to propel arrows with any great effect. Likewise, a bow with too little flexibility is difficult to pull and may reduce accuracy.[1a]

In recent years, use of the bow, at least among soldiers, has given way to the crossbow, which has a better range and better damage potential. As a result, bows are falling to those who cannot afford the superior crossbow or gunpowder weapons for that matter. Make no mistake; bows are still viable weapons. While they lack the punch of a bolt or bullet, archers can fire faster than these weapons.[1a] An archer may be able to shoot up to six arrows per minute, while a crossbowman can only fire one.[2a]


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