The stocky Kislevite Boris Dohvzhenko, is built like a brick, massive and blocky, with black hair and a heavy beard. He is not very tall but has a barrel chest, a short neck, heavy features, and thick hands and fingers.[1b]

Dohvzhenko was tutored by Dwarfen smiths in his native Kislev, and his skill at casting is legendary. He can coax even the most delicate details out of the crude sand moulds used to cast the gun barrels, and is known for the particularly fine decorative work he lavishes on the guns he personally casts.[1b]

Dohvzhenko is a master craftsman without peer among Humans, and his skill even rivals that of many of the lesser Dwarf craftsmen. He is sometimes mistaken for a tall Dwarf, in fact, which he finds amusing.[1b]

These days Dohvzhenko has found himself working as a Foundry Master at the Imperial Gunnery School of Nuln, overseeing the casting and production of all the Schools weapons and keeping everything on schedule and up to specifications. [1a][1b]


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