Borin, "Seeker of Knowledge," grew up in the Metallschlake district of Altdorf (part of the Dwarf quarter). He was apprenticed by his father after he demonstrated a high aptitude for Runic magic. Borin was taught that his gift would be coveted by unscrupulous humans and Elves. He also learned that one of the responsibilities of a runesmith was to do whatever is necessary to keep the knowledge of Runic magic from anyone other than another Dwarf runesmith. So, like many other Expatriate runesmiths, Borin posed as a blacksmith and weaponsmith to hide his true calling.[1a]

Borin continued the charade for many years. His life changed one day, when he ventured into the Library of Sigmar to learn more about the dawn of the Empire. As he read the ancient, dusty tomes, Borin discovered references to ancient – and heretofore unknown – rune weapons, and other works of runecraft. He closed his forge, left his runic anvil with his father, and left Altdorf for the eastern frontier.[1a]

Borin travelled extensively in the mountains and forests of the Empire and Kislev, tracking down folk-tales and other clues to the whereabouts of runic artefacts. When he was satisfied with his research, he returned to Altdorf to collect the rest of his possessions and then, with cart and anvil, he left the Imperial capital for the last time.[1a]


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