Savage Orc musician Bone Nose Greenskins 6th Edition miniature

Savage Orc musician of the Bone Noses.

The Bone Nose Tribe is a Greenskin clan made up of Savage Orcs originally hailing from the Southlands. Wurrzag "da Great Green Prophet" was born and raised by this tribe.[1b][2a][3b]


Original background (6th Edition)

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The Bone Nose tribe originally hailed from somewhere in the jungles of the Southlands.[1b]

At an unknown date, Wurrzag Ud Ura Zahubu was born into this tribe, and soon after he was expelled by Old Wizzbang, the jealous and cantankerous Orc Shaman, for displaying magical powers.[1b]

After years of wandering through the jungle, Wurrzag's visions led him to a huge ruined Orc fort and found a wooden mask that stuck permanently to his face. He was instructed by an apparition to find the Once and Future Git and bring him there.[1b]

Wurrzag began his quest by returning to the Bone Noses, turning Old Wizzbang into an unusual looking Squig, staring down the biggest and most surly of the tribe's boars, and riding off north to find Da Git.[1b]

Naturally, the rest of the tribe followed him[1b], and now they operate in the southern swamps of the Marshes of Madness near the Misty Mountain.[1a][2a]

They are considered the most aggressive tribe of Savage Orcs. Pushed ever onwards in search of the 'Once and Future Git' by their leader Wurrzag, and made up exclusively of Savage Orcs, with no war machines or even Goblins, Giants or Trolls, this tribe rampages through the swamplands trearing asunder any that oppose their 'Kroosade'.[2a]

Last background (8th Edition)

The Bone Nose tribe are a clan of Savage Orcs from the jungles of the Southlands.[3b]

Wurrzag accidentally transformed the former Orc Shaman of the tribe into a Squig and was about to be ritually eaten for this, but he entered a trance and spouted a tale of long ago, when the now-sorry Bone Noses ruled the lands. The Lizardmen had come and built great pyramids, driving the tribe away and destroying their idols, thus cursing the tribe.[3b]

Wurrzag rekindled their spirit of conquest and led the Bone Nose warriors to level the nearest Temple-City. Using the rubble of the wrecked pyramid, Wurrzag ordered the Greenskins to erect two stone-faced idols. These statues watch over the Bone Noses to this day, and the tribe's fortune has grown.[3b]

Since then he has wandered off northwards through the Land of the Dead and into the Badlands. He travels alone or with mobs of Savage Orcs that have vowed to 'see 'im off to da next fight.'[3b]

Although this implies that the Bone Noses remained behind in the Southlands, there is a Savage Orcs tribe with that name living in the southern Badlands, between the Marshes of Madness and Numas.[3a]


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