Warhammer Bolgars


Boglars, also known as Marsh-Gnoblars or Swamp Goblins, are a breed of Gnoblars that live in marshes, bogs and swamps.


Boglars look like any other Gnoblar though their skin is a greenish-grey and they have beady yellow eyes. They spend much of their time catching frogs, fish and other amphibious or reptilian critters, dissecting them with broken sticks and eating them alive.[1a]

Boglars are extremely sensitive to sunlight and bright light in general only emerging from their swampy lairs at dusk. Although Boglars normally seem to affiliate only with other Boglars, Gnoblars and Goblins, a large tribe of Boglars in the Marshes of Madness have been rumoured to be in alliance with strange, cyclopean creatures. Years ago there was much debate among scholars about the mythical Toad-Gnoblars, creatures said to multiply in number at the mere touch of water. Such bizarre theories have, of course, never been proven, nor has a Toad-Gnoblar ever been actually seen (or at least correctly identified). Yet several breeds of Gnoblars have been described with similar wondrous and mythical abilities to that of the Toad-Gnoblar.[1a]


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