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Boar Centaur Chaos Dwarfs Tony Auckland 3rd Edition Black&White Illustration

Illustration by Tony Auckland.

The warping influence of Chaos has thrown forth many malformities and horrific mutations. Some of these unnatural blends of unlikely creatures defy the comprehension and descriptive abilities of a merely sane author. Such foul creatures flourish like a canker in the Chaos Wastes, even entering the Old World, where they take up with other servants of the Chaos Gods. The Boar Centaur is a creature of this kind, spawned upon some unfathomable Chaotic whim and nurtured by helpmates themselves enslaved to the ever-changing will of Chaos. A few Boar Centaurs became the object of experimentation by Chaos Dwarf Artisans, and were subsequently enslaved upon the machines of the Chaos Dwarfs (such as the Chaos Dwarf Juggernaut [2a]), providing the motive power for their fiendish war engines.[1a]

Boar Centaurs combine the body of a boar with the torso and upper body of a Chaos Dwarf. Their coarse fur varies in colour from individual to individual, often apeing the natural shades of horses, but equally often manifesting as some bizarre and unpleasing shade.[1a]


  • 3rd Edition.


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