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The Bloody Reaver.

The Bloody Reaver was created by Count Noctilus himself. From his mystical realm, he used powerful sorcery to bind the wreckage of the ships he found there, to forge a warship of staggering proportions with which to dominate the seas and drown the mortal world in blood.


The Bloody Reaver began as the Sylvanian castle of Count Noctilus but the Vampire has since built up around it the shattered hulls of ships he has destroyed and it is manned by thousands of dead crewmen raised once more to serve him. The rocky crag on which it was mounted has also been torn from its original resting place, as has the pathway and bridge that led to Noctilus' desolate lair. It is a sea-faring hulk, replete with the myriad hulls of broken ships and galleons that are both Gothic and suitably grand enough for the dread Vampire captain found within.[1a]

Teeming across the Bloody Reaver's slanted decks are the thousands of Undead servants ripped from their graves in the Vampire's ritual of translocation. Every night, the bloated corpses of the drowned are summoned out of the ocean to further bolster the crew of the composite hulk. Many a broadside has slammed home against the Bloody Reaver, only to find the wreckage of ancient ships miraculously drawn upon it, shoring up its shattered architecture with scaffold and timber as if the warship were being refashioned by invisible giants.[2a]

From the battlements of the citadel atop its crags, Count Noctilus sends swarms of vampiric Hellfish, skeletal Sea Giants, Hydras of sea-stained bone and worse to assail his enemies. Truly, the Bloody Reaver is a nightmare made real, for once its black work is done, it vanishes like the morning mist.[2a]


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