"Athel Loren is not the only forest protected by spirits. In other, less ancient woods, that protection manifests as Bloodsedges. They are proof of the holiness of the wilds."
Irmine Pahlke, Priestess of Rhya[2a]

The Bloodsedge is a plant which displays many characteristics more common amongst predatory animals. Although it cannot move its main root system, its branches are highly mobile and very strong. It looks like an ordinary bush or shrub, but, should any creatures pass within five yards, it will burst into action, branches flailing about, searching for the source of the disturbance. As soon as a branch locates a solid body, it curls tightly around it and drags the victim towards the plant's sticky and noisome trunk. There, the victim is held fast while the plant's digestive juices get to work, transforming prey into mushy nutrients which are absorbed directly through the spongy bark or which enrich the ground at the plant's foot.[1a]


  • Bloodsedge, 1st edition
  • 2nd Edition


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