South of Altdorf an outcrop of pine trees grows down the southern face of the magical Amber Hills and spills into the depths of the Reikwald. Called Bloodpine for its deep-maroon wood, the lumber here is greatly desired by the artisans of Altdorf, and is most often used to produce exquisite furniture destined for the high-class markets of Marienburg and Nuln.[1a]

During the early 2500's, bloodpine became hard to source, for the Bloodpine Woods were plagued by Forest Goblins of the Spiderclaw tribe,[1a] led by the Goblin Shaman Raknik, who managed to tame a handful of swift-moving Giant Spiders. Few dared to work there, for those attempting to cut the trees simply disappeared, their cries echoing from the mists high in the trees before suddenly falling silent. This, of course, only served to increase the value of bloodpine, which deeply enraged purchasers, several of whom took to hiring mercenaries and private parties to clear the Goblins, figuring it would be cheaper to throw bodies at the problem than pay more for their new filing cabinet.[1a] One Altdorf timber merchant by the name of Willibert Klemm instead attempted to harvest and sell giant spider silk.[3a]

The situation came to a head in 2517 IC, by which time Raknik had gathered a goblin horde to his banner, and began pillaging across Reikland. Emperor Karl Franz was quick to realize the importance of the threat, for if he failed to protect his own province, his political opponents would call into question his ability to protect the whole Empire. Seeking to strike at the heart of the goblin territory, the Emperor gathered the armies of Reikland and marched towards Bloodpine Woods. At the ensuing Battle of Bloodpine Woods, Karl Franz nearly lost his life. However, Raknik was killed and the Spiderclaw Tribe obliterated. The threat from Bloodpine Woods was no more.[2a][2b]


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