Several days’ journey east across the highlands lay the ruins of Blood Keep, the former fortress of the Knights of the Blood Dragon. Seven centuries ago, the Vampire lord Walach Harkon challenged this knightly order and those he did not slay, he cursed with vampirism. Eventually, an army from Wissenland destroyed this lair of blood-drinking knights.

On nights when Morrslieb leers full in a starless sky, something creeps from the dark to feast on prospectors in remote mining camps, leaving their corpses white and drained. Rumours abound that a scarlet-armoured knight rides abroad shrouded by dusk's shadow, mounted on a skeletal steed in crimson barding, his shield emblazoned with the emblem of a dragon. Some whisper that the walls of Blood Keep are once more guarded, though now with skeletal sentries and the shades of the damned.

The Dwarf King Thuringar would see this damned castle toppled stone by stone, but he cannot spare the warriors. Meanwhile, the curse of the Blood Knights continues to haunt the Grey Mountains.


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