The largest of the kingdoms in the Realm of Chaos is that of Khorne, the God of Battle. No subtlety has Khorne. He has no yearning for beauty of form in his black heart, for he is the Blood God, the Skulltaker. His immortal frame has room only for rage and slaughter-lust. So it is that the land of the Blood God is one of constant battle and martial challenge. It serves no other function, for to Khorne all else is trivial.[1a]

The Blood God's dominion is little more than league upon league of blasted wasteland, made ruddy by the blood spilt upon it. Here and there jagged canyons and craters break the uneven ground: the aftermath of a titanic clash where Khorne's daemonic servants battled amongst themselves or against the minions of another deity. On rare occasions, Khorne will bring mortal champions to this place and test their fighting skills. Few such contests end in victory for the mortal, but those fleshlings who endure find their feet set upon the path to daemonhood, whether it is their wish or no.[1a]

The very fabric of Khorne's kingdom is tied to his mood which, while never good, ranges between simmering rage and apocalyptic fury. When the Blood God bellows his rage, the barren ground tremors, lakes of blood boil and the very sky screams. Clouds of black ash belch forth from hidden geysers, incinerating milling combatants or propelling great boulders skyward. Yet still the Daemons battle. They fight not for honour, not for wealth, not even for victory -- they fight for fighting's sake, and for the favour of their wrathful lord.[1a]

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