Deep within the heart of the Forest of Shadows, somewhere in the triangle between Smallhof, Ferlangen, and Bohsenfels, there is a small clearing with a grim, horrifying history. Known as the Blood Fane, at its centre is a single weather-worn standing stone twice the height of a man. It is so stained and discoloured that few can guess what the stone’s original hue was. Now, tainted with untold aeons of blood sacrifices, a rich rusty tone colours the whole stone, indeed seeming to arise from within it. The stone itself has four sets of ancient iron manacles hammered into it, each rusted with time and flecked with dried gore.[1a]

The grass around the stone is littered with bones: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling—even Beastman and Orc. The once shining armour of bold knights lies rusting alongside the obscene garb of Chaos warriors. To the north of the stone, with all sockets facing north toward the Chaos Waste, sits a vast pile of skulls, both old and fresh, each of which is silent acknowledgement that this place is sacred to Khorne, the Blood God and Skull Lord.[1a][1b]

The current "keeper" of this shrine is Bogoslav Tammas, a warrior of Khorne who marched south with Archaon's army from Kislev. At the siege of Bohsenfels, he felt something calling to him from the Forest of Shadows, something that made his blood burn like fire. Leaving the army, he wandered south into the woods until he found the Blood Fane. The old Beastman who was its caretaker was waiting for him, for he knew he was growing weaker and that Khorne would send a challenger. For hours they fought, until Tammas hacked off the monster's head with a cry to Khorne and added its skull to the pile.[1b]

Now Bogoslav Tammas, Keeper of the Blood Fane, seeks victims among the inhabitants of eastern Ostland, Human or otherwise. Those he does not kill immediately he brings back to the fane for torture and sacrifice. Gathering loyal Beastmen to his cause, he plans to soon raid the refugee camp outside Ferlangen.[1b]


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