Walach Harkon Colour Illustration

Walach Harkon holding the Blood Chalice.

In a mockery of the Grail Knights, the Vampires of Blood Keep drank fresh blood from a great metallic chalice so heavy that an ordinary mortal would have trouble lifting it one-handed. Among its powers, it can heal those that drink from it, or coat a weapon with its contents to cause magical fire to leap along it surface, without fear of harming the user.

May or may not be related to the Bloody Grail.


Shortly after claiming Blood Keep, Walach Harkon found the chalice and filled it with the blood of his most respected opponents, including the former Master of the Order. Over the years, he added splashes of blood from other knights, holy men, and Witch Hunters.

When his Vampire bride, Aurora, was slain during the siege of Blood Keep, he added her potent blood to the mixture. When the siege finally succeeded, the Chalice was not found; it is unknown if Harkon took it with him or if it was destroyed in the attack.


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