Warhammer Blood Gnoblar

Blood Gnoblar

High up in the peaks of the Mountains of Mourn dwell the Blood-Gnoblars. They look like ordinary Gnoblars except their warty hides range from different hues of browns to dark reds. They also have a heightened sense of hearing, perhaps due to the high altitude of their mountain top lairs, making them exceptional Trappers. Many Blood-Gnoblars spend all of their time fortifying their lairs and setting traps for any curious interlopers. In Gnoblar society it is the Blood-Gnoblars who were first responsible for teaching other Gnoblars the best techniques of trapping and scouting. As a result many Gnoblar Trappers will go to great lengths to look like a Blood-Gnoblar, achieved through a blood ritual in which a captive is drained of blood and once exsanguinated, the Gnoblars douse themselves in it.[1a]


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