• AMP1972

    Seven hours ago, before i started to write this, I found out about this Warhammer WIKI. And on the good side it already made me remedy an old issue: The Grey Magic (Ulgu) article within this WIKI explained something, which was less pleasant to me before. Appreciated.

    Now, a bit tired and with a connection throttle making that DISCORD a pest, as my volume-waste-block filter fails to stop loading it, I took my petty efforts, hopefully in an acceptable prose. Some comments, some mandatory "earn your badges". 

    Warhammer, to me, when I purchased the first edition, was a more adult form of roleplay. In direct comparison to the German "The Dark Eye" and Dungeons & Dragons. To a degree, this explains my own msitake in the equation, as I became a GM…

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  • GalaxyTrain

    Alex Dale

    September 23, 2018 by GalaxyTrain


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  • Lord Eledan

    Peter of Loren and Hyberius are our two new Content Moderators. Surely they are going to help the wiki keep making progress.

    Tell us something about you, guys!

    Their new tag will allow them to perform advanced actions related to the edition of pages. In addition, they will join the Discord wiki administration group and participate in debates and voting on important issues.

    Welcome aboard, guys!

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  • MrParaduo

    This is a reminder to anyone and everyone who frequents the wiki, be they moderator, administrator, reader or die-hard fan. This is an open wiki that welcomes any and all additions you can provide regarding the Warhammer World. As long as you provide the source for where you got your info, please do not hesitate to add, edit, or comment on articles. We are one of the largest Warhammer Fantasy Wikis, and still we have only a fraction of what can be found. Welcome, and thank you to all!

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  • MrParaduo

    Our New Moderators!

    August 5, 2018 by MrParaduo

    Though it was... not all difficult to consider, and determine, we announce our two new moderators as Peter of Loren and Hyberius! We thank you for your patronage, time, and service throughout the wiki. Alongside our viewers, posters, and anonymous editors, we shall prove Fantasy lives on!

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  • MrParaduo

    We are currently understaffed, and in need of additional moderators to help in adding and tidying articles across the wiki! Those seeking to apply must have made around 600 edits, and to have edited at least five times in the last month of me setting this blog up. A vote will then be made by staff and readers alike, to decide who gets the position.

    What's expected:

    1. Help add content and/or edit at a regular basis, maybe five times a week. An edit can count as simply fixing a typo, or deleting sourceless articles.

    2. There is no pay involved. Only the appreciation of fellow nerds, gamers, and lore-enthusiasts.

    3. You can be silly in the comments or on the forum, but otherwise maintain a sense of professionalism. Do not bully, harass or otherw…

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  • Aresius King

    As many of you know, this wiki employs the templates Fn and Endn to link each paragraph to its page and book of origin, in order to further our credibility as a lore repository.

    Unfortunately, today for some unknown reason ANY edition can upset their proper function, causing the loss of vital sourcing information. Simply by clicking "Edit", the books and pages from the Sources section disappear and the templates break.

    I've just activated the requirement for all users to log in before editing as a stopgap measure, but please refrain from editing until we or Fandom can solve this.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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  • Dannyhellas21

    War For Honor

    January 17, 2018 by Dannyhellas21
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  • FeruEnzeru

    When i was on Google and searched "Chaos Halfling".

    It shows this:

    I dunno if anybody who plays or does not play Warhammer make Chaos Halflings?

    I know the Age of Sigmar Halflings are extinct for now.

    I'm still a very very big fan of Warcraft Chaos and i'm also a big fan of Warhammer (FB, AoS and 40k) Chaos, Diablo Chaos and Might and Magic Chaos.

    Here's a poll (For those who like Halflings or dislike Halfings read this blog).

    Maybe in the future of WHAoS, at least someone can make Halfling units in AoS.

    Any questions?

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  • Caz88888

    my reception

    December 7, 2016 by Caz88888

    a while ago i finnaly decided to make a contribution to this wiki.

    nothing much just a short page on one of the oftern neglected warhammmer race's the gnomes. so i got out one of my dad's old rule books and hammerd out a quick page.fairly quickly i got a e-mail saying someone called grey knight dante had eddited my page. so i thought cool i hope i can co-operate with him so i clicked on the link and was greeted with a page saying my wiki page no longer existed. so i found the page deleted and found the grey knight dante had deleted it with no explination. and that was my welcoming to this wiki : an automated message and a reasonlass page deletion.

    rather then hiding in a hole i thought i'd get my page back. i mean reasonless page deletion he's…

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  • Selfburner

    My first blog post!

    October 30, 2016 by Selfburner


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  • Probuscis


    April 18, 2016 by Probuscis

    Just so someone knows I got a hold of a Warhammer fan fiction wiki

    If anyone is interested go there... Probuscis (talk) 02:31, April 18, 2016 (UTC)

    P.s. I also know little of wiki managment so any help would be appreciated.

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  • Aresius King

    Welcome all, and specially for any newcomers! Have you ever been interested in the dark background of Warhammer, but you've felt you didn't know where to start? Don't worry, we've summarized the history of each of its races and armies, and we've posted them here for your enjoyment. If you have any questions, ask right away in the comments section!

    This is a dark age, a bloody age, an age of daemons and of sorcery. It is an age of battle and death, and of the world's ending. Amidst all of the fire, flame and fury it is a time, too, of mighty heroes, of bold deeds and great courage.

    At the heart of the Old World sprawls the Empire, the largest and most powerful of the human realms. Known for its engineers, sorcerers, traders and soldiers, it is…

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  • Aresius King

    Fellow members of Warhammer Wiki! As most of you must surely know by now, next month Total War: Warhammer will be released, so Eledan has been working on getting both a Wikia Spotlight and an Android app, both for this wiki and its Spanish counterpart. The hard work of the last months has ensured that there'll be no trouble in getting any of those things, BUT there's lots of work left to do if we want this place to shine as brightly as possible when gamers start to show up in throngs to know more about the background behind their new strategy game :P

    First off, we must purge our beloved wiki of stubs, incomplete and sourceless articles. We have to check all possible sources and gather anything they say on each topic before moving on to the nex…

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  • Lord Eledan

    Twelve thousand pages

    January 18, 2016 by Lord Eledan

    Twelve thousand. It sounds just like another number. But that's the result of adding 7000 articles from Wikihammer 40k, 4105 from Biblioteca del Viejo Mundo, 762 from Warhammer Wiki, and 210 from Sigmaroteca.

    Twelve thousand. Yes, anyone knows that's a big number. It's also obvious it means a huge lot of Warhammer background. But there are three things that not everyone knows:

    1. The amount of hours, weeks, months and years needed to get to that amount.
    1. The enthusiasm required to do it without getting paid, and having other things to do.
    1. The great satisfaction of knowing where we come from - abandoned and solitary wikis that didn't even add up to 1000 articles together at the beginning.

    I'll be brief, I won't make you suffer 12000 written words just to ha…

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  • DivusMechanicus

    Absolutely. Hmm? Oh Absolutely. Absolutely.

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  • Viima


    August 5, 2014 by Viima

    Well i did create profile here now, thought I have done some pages before.  Well let's see what i can do.  Hopefully others don't have clean the mess what I possible do.

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  • 9littlebees

    Jules is a Bretonnian squire living in the Empire (Delberz, in Middenheim).  He comes from a broken family - his parents divorced when he was very young and his mother moved to the Empire taking Jules and his baby sister with her.  Two older brothers stayed in Bretonnia with his father.

    Working as the town brewer in Delberz, but wanting Jules to have every opportunity at a better life, his mother arranged for him to squire an aged knight living in the town.  Unfortunately for Jules, this knight was not a wealthy patron, and so Jules has developed into a squire who has never ridden a horse nor held a lance.  The knight was, however, an accomplished swordsman in his day, and so he has passed on his knowledge of swordplay to Jules.  In additio…

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  • 9littlebees

    I'll be running an episodic WFRP campaign in a few months based on The Enemy Within.  The group will consist of 4 players, and in a lull in our current (non-Warhammer) campaign, I jumped in and had the 4 players create their characters using random character creation - with some tweaks.  We will be playing 2nd edition WFRP, although The Enemy Within campaign is a 1st Edition campaign.  I will also be modifying the campaign to be much more free-form (sandbox) and involve the PC backrounds in it much more.  I'm planning on expanding this Wiki based on my prep and research, to include more WFRP content, rather than just (what currently feels like) WFB.  The photo below shows The Enemy Within books I own.

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  • Craze b0i1

    On the Sigmar page I am curious what is the source for all the stuff about Sigmar vs Morkar down near the bottom of the page? Also on the Norsca page what is the source of all the early stuff involving Sigmar vs the Norse. I realize there is a list of sources at the bottom of each page - but I was curious about those parts specifically.

    Congratualations btw on this great wiki.

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  • King Kailen


    January 3, 2014 by King Kailen

    Ok so I am by no means the best editor here or the ringleader of this site but to anyone who reads this blog, I want to ask you guys to adit and add any pages to help grow this site. For a long time I have dreamed that we could build the main database for Warhammer lore similar to Warhammer 40k Wikia. So I also ask that you guys recruit anyone you can to  help us. Thanks!

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  • Jwomack94

    Getting Deleted Sucks

    August 28, 2013 by Jwomack94

    Just what the title says.

    As a grad student, I get the need to give sources. Fine. A warning or notification prior to deleting a few hours of work would have been nice, however.

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  • Dread Majesty

    Getting started

    April 16, 2013 by Dread Majesty

    So I recently joined this wiki in order to contribute the knowledge I have gained of the Warhammer world over the past 4 years. I have purchased and read almost every novel published by Black Library and I am confident that I can help make this an even better wiki site.

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  • Korwin the Slav

    I was born in Kislev over 30 years ago. As a child I have seen the rebelion of poor people against Tzar Leonid the Red.

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