"Swollen with volatile, noxious gases, their liquefying tissues strain dangerously under rotten and tattered skin."
The vile Bloated Corpses.[1]
Wh2 dlc11 cst bloated corpse

A Bloated Corpse.[1]

Bloated Corpses are a hulking, grotesque form of Undead utilised by the Zombie Pirates of the Vampire Coast.


A troop of zombie pirates is as macabre a sight as any Necromancer’s ghostly, rotting horde. The bodies of those brought back into existence as Unliving automatons continue to rot once they are reanimated, so necromantic admirals tend to raise crewmen from the freshest victims possible. Sometimes a corpse may have spent weeks floating in the ocean before it is raised, however, becoming swollen with noxious gases over time, its tissues seeping from rotten and tattered skin which blisters and turns to a greenish hue. In reanimating such a grotesquery to fight in their horde, a Lord essentially has a walking time bomb in their ranks, and a volatile one at that. It is far preferable to fight against such a creature at a distance, for when attacked, their tortured forms may suddenly disintegrate in a poisonous shower of decomposing internal organs and diseased fluids.[1]


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